Friday, August 29, 2008

Need a Break

Can't do it...we'll try again someday....maybe...

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Minimal success yesterday and today - more because I got lucky and put him on the potty. He is at my neighbors right now and she called to tell me he actually went poo in the potty - hooray! I told her she must have a magic potty. I think I might need to send him over there more often! Anyway...we are going OOT on Saturday and then have lots of cousins here Sunday and Monday so we'll see how that goes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

End of Day Three

Ok, so it was so/so today. We were 1 and 3. I think he is holding it in and that just doesn't seem too great. No poo poo today at all. We sat on the toilet three different times for an extended period and nothing. When we were in Walmart he started holding himself so John ran him to the bathroom and success! For some reason just doesn't feel right. Hope we are not causing him to be constipated or something...we'll see how tomorrow goes.

What a sweetheart, we sure love him - accidents and all!

Day Two - not much better

So...Day Two saw only 1/2 a success - Jack started to go and we ran to the potty. So that makes the count for day two .5 and 4.5 - not worth it you say? I agree!

We went out of town and he was on diapers all day again. Now we are 1/2 way through Day Three and no success so far. We are trying the reward system which so far is a joke.

After lunch we sat on the potty for about 20 minutes with him talking about the space gun he was going to pick out of the treasure box - but to no avail -no pee pee or poo poo. Finally he would not stay on any longer so we got off and went upstairs - not more than 5 minutes later he had wet shorts and still wanted the space gun.

At this point we might just forgo pre-school and keep us all sane at home. I still have two years until kindergarten right?

After all - he's just too cute to really get frustrated with. I'm taking the approach he will grow up too fast and I won't really even remember he wasn't potty trained by four anyway!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Day One - Complete and Utter Failure

So, I decided I had to be a little more pro-active and actually try to potty train Jackson - instead of him just doing it himself. I tried the salty snack and sugary drink method (so he would be thirsty, drink alot, and therefore provide lots of opportunities to go in the potty). Well....we were 0 for 6 ( and that included two poopies). He could care less. He thinks it's fun to sit on the potty and flush but that's as far as it goes...we'll see what a new day brings...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cassia County Fair

Yes, it was the Cassia County Fair and Rodeo last week. We had a grand old time. Of course, the only thing that has changed since moving here is we get to see the parade now. (John and I came home every year for the fair before we moved here.) The Fisher kids were here and so we had some playmates with us at the parade and carnival. It's fun to watch my kids create their own memories that mirror my own of growing up in Burley.

Grampa, Grama, and all the cousins at the parade.

Jack watching Grampa Pen and Sort.

The Dragon ride.

The "Sooper Jet". This was a favorite. I think we went on it about six times.
This one was my favorite as a little girl. Back then they had a purple sparkly car I tried to get on everytime.

We had a great time - can't wait until next year!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bricki Round up

We had our annual Bricki Reunion last week. It started as the Bricki Round-Up but I think it ended up as the Peterson Water Party. We went to the Price's boat dock and played, played, played. They had two jet-skies, a water trampoline, and two boats. John wake-boarded and surfed. It was a great time. I, of course, loved the inquisition with Gerald and Camille - they are my most willing participants on John's side. You can always count on some good stuff from them. We had fun with our family and miss that we don't see them as much as we use to. Thanks goodness for family reunions!

Geni and Tayler on a jet ski.

Go Grampa Go!

Tonga and Kiera on the tube - only their booties got wet!
SiSi, Derek, and Josh - I would say it was a wild ride but I think John went a little tame for Derek's sake.

Nia and Jacee on the dock.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What do you do in the Summer?

Maddie sure loves her watermelon. I think it makes Grampa Mission gag every time she eats a piece! And yes - that is a farmer tan on her arms!

Jack on his last day of swim lessons - note the dry hair!

Who had more fun Grampa or the girls? There was a lot of screaming and even more giggles!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Jacee and Jack Boogie

Click on the title to see Jack and Jacee get down!