Monday, October 22, 2012

School Pics 2012

Maddie, Kindergarten 2012, 5yo

 I know that people are not having school pictures taken because they get "cuter" ones off in a field or some other serene setting.  For some reason, I just love the actual school pics.  Luckily my husband doesn't grumble when he pays for these increasingly expensive pics.  Here are the latest versions.  I personally think they are darling!!!
 Jackson, 2nd grade, 8 yo
Jacee, 4th Grade, 9 yo

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jackson's Big Day

 What a wonderful day we had with Jackson!  His baptisms was on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012.  He was baptized with one of his best friends, Camden.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture of them together.

 We are very lucky to have lots of friends and family around us - one of the reasons we live here!
Jacee gave the talk on baptism and she did a fabulous job.

 I love these next progression of pictures.  Jacee is being her usual funny, vivacious self.

 Then Maddie sees what she is doing, so check out Maddie in the next picture...
 Yep, just like her older sister.  I'm glad she has such a great role model to follow.

 Jackson is blessed with many people around him who love him so much.  Here he is with his Primary teacher, Stephanie Howell.  We love her!

 And our fabulous family!  I often times just stare at them and can't believe they are all mine!  From a fantastic husband to three of the best kids ever!!!  I certainly don't deserve all of them but I'll never let them go!

Grama and Grampa made quite a trip to be here.  The woke up early and drove Saturday morning and then left about 1:30 so Grampa could make it back to the Sugar Factory by 6pm.  They are doing 24 hour shifts right now and it is crazy.  I'm so glad he was able to get off to come to Jackson's baptism. We love them so much and are glad they are home from their mission.  We just wish they were closer so we could have them in our daily lives!  (Hint, Hint)

I know my parents are were they are suppose to be and they are doing such a great job in El Salvador, but we really miss them, especially on days like this.  We feel their spirit and know they wish they could be with us, but they are serving the Lord and we are grateful they are worthy and willing to do so.  I love you Mom and Dad.  You were missed today.

  I think Jackson is such a wonderful boy.  Aunt Lori commented that she thinks he has a special spirit and there are great things in store for him.  She has thought that since he was a baby.  I am so glad to hear things like this.  Maybe this is why I worry so much more about Jackson than I do my girls.  He has such a tender heart and feels things so deeply.  I am so grateful he is mine.
I am so grateful my husband is worthy to confirm our son.  John gave a wonderful confirmation (or so I've heard - there was a little baby screaming directly behind me so I didn't really get to hear much.  Other people have told me it was beautiful!)  Thanks Honey for being a great husband and father.  I love you!

Friday, October 12, 2012

When Did He Grow Up?

 When did my buddy boy grow up?  I look at these pictures and I can't even believe how big he is.  He is such a wonderful son.  Tender hearted, fun-loving, and what a laugh!  I can't imagine my life without this sweet boy.  I love you Jackson John Peterson.