Friday, October 31, 2008

Ready for my Close Up.

Jacee thought she needed her close up on the blog - it shows the blood!

One Great Holiday!

John and Jack after the night's festivities. Jack was only so-so into the trick-or-treating. He mostly just wanted to hang out with me.

Maddie was not into wearing her pumpkin costume at all. She loved to look at it and cuddle it - but actually putting it on - NO WAY!

Well, she did like the little pumpkin hat - close enough I guess.

To Infinity and Beyond! The best part is when he pushes the button on his back to make himself do karate chop action (you'll only get that if you have seen the movie a million times!)

And our little Vampiress - complete with blood dripping out of her mouth. She had a great time and we didn't get home from Trick-or-Treating until about 9pm. When we were driving home she said - This is one great Holiday!

Hope your night was as fun as ours! Love you all.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and Jack-O-Lanterns

Jackson's Preschool went to the pumpkin patch last week and had a great time. John went and took Jacee because she did not have school that day. Jackson is sitting in front of the wagon with his best friend Jaxson Smyer. They sure love each other and are usually connected at the hip the entire time at preschool.

We really missed being with our family in Utah for the annual pumpkin carving party - so we had our own! We invited two families over and had a great time. One family was pretty up-to-date but the other one was astounded at the "technology" of the pumkin kits. (They were still using the good old steak knives - really!)

Their 11 yo son just kept gushing how pumpkin carving would never be the same and this was the best Halloween ever! The parents also commented that it was much more enjoyable this way. Both families loved the cinnamon on pumpkin lid (idea by Gary Petersen).

We love getting to know new families in Burley but sure miss our family traditions in Utah.

Happy almost Halloween everybody!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

High Five Tag

My nephew tagged me so here goes. (First I just want to say, how can a 5th grader be so funny and smart at the same time. His is one of my favorite blogs - take a gander at Jogus when you get a chance for anytime you need a good belly laugh. I scare my dog Putter whenever I read his blog because a laugh just seems to burst out of me, unexpectedly, everytime - I know, if it's everytime, how can it be unexpected - one of the great paradoxes of the Jogus' blog!)

High Five Tag

Instructions: give 5 answers to these 5 questions and choose 5 more to do the same.

5 Most Important qualities in a person:
Full of Love
Hard Worker

5 things you cannot live without:

5 foods you love:
Sunday dinner
Bread in any form
Red Robin Fettucini Alfredo
Cafe Rio pork tacos

5 places you want to go:
See mom and dad

5 random things:
The toilet paper must go OVER the roll
I sing the incorrect words to songs but am convinced they are the real words
I like to talk to the cashiers when I am buying something
I wish I could go where everybody knew my name

5 people to do the same thing:

John and Julie Beth
Brewer Bunch
Livin in the D
Walt and Eileen Petersen

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TAG, take 2

I am to list 7 random things about me.....and then tag 7 people to do the same. I'm listing 7 things you might not know about me.

1. I have to do ALL the laundry before I go on vacation.
2. I hate to wear shoes.
3. I go to the store early in the morning without combing my hair.
4. I have a short attention span (ok, most of you knew that!)
5. My real hair color is strawberry blonde.
6. It bugs me if the shower curtain is left "open".
7. I have seven fake teeth.

I tag:

1. Jen

2. Michelle

3. Josh


5. Nicole

6. Shelby

7. Nate

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snow in October, Take 2

Last year, we had a huge snow storm in October - so it's de ja vu! This is the first time my kids have been at the age where they will play out in the snow for hours. They had a wonderful time with the neighbor girls.

It snowed all day. This is what it looked like Sunday morning when I took Putter out back. It is the perfect winter wonderland. When Jacee first saw the snow she started doing a little dance and was chanting, "It's Christmas! It's Christmas!" Jack told me that Santa was coming tomorrow. I love it that they equate a beautiful snowfall with the Christmas Season.

Here are some of our Halloween decorations all covered in snow. It has been fun but I sure hope it melts before Halloween.

Jack is worried about poor Harry the Spider. Jack is afraid of spiders but feels pretty safe that Harry is up on the second story of the house. (We didn't tell him the spider is right outside his bedroom window!)

Jacee thinks our ghosts are now alien ghosts. It has been sure been a mixed up couple of days.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Halloween Cutie

My friend Sayda is starting a blog to sell tutu's and hair bows so she had Maddie come over to try some on - it is so cute! Of course Maddie wouldn't even put a bow on - they were darling - but what do you do...

I love this time of year - the colors, the fall air, Halloween and this just made it so fun. We haven't taken very many pictures of Maddie compared to our other kids, so this was a special thing for her. Thanks Sayda!