Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day

We had a fabulous Christmas.  We started with our traditional - everyone in mom and dad's bed.  This proved to be a challenge with our new home.  The kids sleep down stairs and to get to our room they emerge from the basement right into the family room, right where Santa had laid out all the presents.  We practiced the night before - running up the stairs right into mom and dad's room with only one small peek allowed.  No, detours of any kind allowed.  Jacee took her one peek but Jack ran right into our room without even looking - he is such an obedient boy. 

 Jacee writes a note to Santa every year - and this year he wrote back!

 My mother-in-law told me when I married John that I needed to by him at least one toy every Christmas - this year it was a remote controlled helicopter.

 Grama and Grampa got to stay with us this year - we love having them!

 Maddie wanted a waitress cart and luckily Santa came through.

 More bey-blades and launchers.

 I think we wore out Grampa.

 On Christmas eve we have a tradition of making gingerbread houses.  I think they turned out great this year.

 We always get a special visitor each Christmas eve who gives out one present to the kids - of course it's pjs.

 Jacee got an electric scooter this year.  One good thing about no snow is she could go outside for a trial run.

 The kids left carrots for the reindeer outside this year.  Luckily the reindeer found them and nibbled on a few.
 We wore out dad also.
 I got some dr. pepper jammies from our AF family.  They know me so well!
 Santa always brings something for Jackson to build.  This set builds a bunch of cars/planes and other things.
 Our darling kids by the tree.

 John showing off his Christmas socks he wore to church.
We had such a wonderful Christmas.  My husband works so hard to make it the best day of the year.  Thanks honey - you rock!  Lover you.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Serendipitous Meeting

 Our family tries to hit temple square every year and this year we just "happen" to go on Jacee's birthday at 5pm starting at the Assembly Hall.  You can imagine our surprise when the Fishers showed up and also the Jupiter Petersens.  Hooray!
 John had to stay home with Gams because they were both sick.

 Michael, Jack and Sammie were best buddies.  They held hands most of the time.  Maddie just joined whatever group she felt like.
 Our favorite place to pose - the bridal pedestal.
 Need to include Maddie!
 The boys - this time we called it the groom pedestal.
 The teen-age girls.  It won't be long until they are here in white as a bride.

 Afterwards we went to Chilis for Jacee's bday dinner.  We waited, and waited, and waited.  Finally we got a table and ate LOTS of chips and Salsa - yum!

 Afterwards we came and had a giant cousin sleepover under the Christmas tree.
 Somehow Sammy scored the couch.
 A group pic with Grama A.
Daniel was on his way home from CA so he rendezvoused with the Fishers at our house.  He is such a great cousin - he raises the fun level everytime he comes.

We are so glad the Fishers are willing to drive to Utah in the middle of all the busy holiday stuff.  We sure love them.  We have a motto in our family - everything is more fun with the Fishers!  Thanks for coming - we loved it!

Christmas Performances

 Jacee is in her school choir this year and they put on a Christmas Concert.  It was so fun to go see her perform.

 Maddie is a natural performer also, she was very entertaining while we were waiting for the concert to start.

 Our school also does a sing-in each year.  Each grade learns a song, files in and sings it for the parents and then off they go so the next grade can come in.  Jack is in a green shirt on the second row.
 Here is Jacee for her sing-in.  

And here I am with Mads - just enjoying the whole thing!

Jacee is Nine!

 In our family we have some pretty good traditions and birthdays are no exception.  We decorate with streamers and balloons, wake up to donuts and chocolate milk and open ALL the presents at breakfast.

This year she was all about Monster High.  Her favorite is Cleo-de-Nile.  She got the "barbie", Drop Dead Diary, Three books, and some other fun Monster High Stuff.  
Happy Birthday my first born!