Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Best Birthday Ever!

We parked at the Joseph Smith building, so of course we had to get a shot with the prophet!

A couple of weeks ago our family went to temple square to watch my niece perform with her with her choir. While we were there we decided to stop by the Beehive House. Jacee fell in love with it! She decided right then and there she wanted to go there for her birthday. (Wahoo! Up until then it was going to be a glamour party - 3rd one - with her entire 1st grade class.) So, I told her she could pick three friends and we would go! (A cousin serendipitously showed up so she got to come too.)

This was one of my favorite shots. All the girls walked into the Beehive house and sat down and were all acting very "ladyish". The Sr. Couple and sister missionaries just oohed and awed over what a darling group of girls. One asked if they were all sisters - give me strength!! We were the only ones there so we got to go on the tour all by ourselves.

Here they are with the Sr. Couple and the Sisters that gave them the tour. One sister was from Mexico and one was from Mongolia. Some of the girls had a hard time understanding them, it was fun watching them try to tailor the tour into "Little Girl - English".

There is an old fashioned wall clock and calendar so I had to snap a quick picture showing Jacee by the Tuesday, December 22.

After the tour, we got to go have dessert at the Lion House.

It was fun to see which dessert each girl picked. They also got a truffle bar - Jacee's favorite. Here we sang Happy Birthday and opened presents. Jacee was in 7th Heaven!

First stop on Temple Square - the reflecting pool. It was snowing, but wasn't too cold. I thought we wouldn't be long - but the girls LOOOVED everything - so we just kept going and going.

I forgot how much energy young girls can have. Here they are twirling under the HUGE red pine tree at the entrance to temple square. People kept smiling at our group and at me. Not sure if it was because they were pretty cute or they had sympathy for me trying to control five energetic little girls all hopped up on sugar from yummy Lion House cake!

This was a pretty tender moment. I asked the girls if they wanted to touch the temple. What? Can we do that? were the responses. Funny, how teaching moments come when you don't expect we talked about going inside to be sealed there someday.

Growing up, we attended conference every six months, so it was weird for me that this was the first time my daughter had ever been in the tabernacle.

The did think the statue of Christ was neat, but like the mural of the stars on the wall and the escalator the best!

And the crowning moment. The all got to stand on the bride podium and get their picture with the temple in the background. I took a picture of each of them individually and told them when they come back to get married they will get a picture there in their wedding dresses so they should practice now.

I'm so glad Jacee wanted to do this. Just a warning - I'm going to sound pretty cheezy right now. It was special to watch these girls roam around temple square, learn about Brigham Young, ooh and ahh at the temple and talk about getting married there, and just enjoy being on sacred ground. I can't believe how my daughter has grown and how far we have come as a family from the time she was born. I sure love that girl!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jacee's Birthday Breakfast

My little one turned seven today...when did that happen?

Monday, December 14, 2009

My Wise Man

Jackson was walking around the house today singing, "The Wise Man Built His House Upon a Rock". When he got to the second verse he sang, "The space man built his house upon the sand...the rains came down and the floods came up....and the house on the sand flew away."

Then he was looking out the window and asked if our house was built on sand. Nope, I said. Our house is built upon a rock. He contemplated this for a few moments and then proceeded to tell me -- Nope, our house is built on grass.

So, he started the song over, "The wise man built his house upon the grass..." At least he thought we were the wise men!

I love that little guy.

Shoveling the Drive Way

We didn't have a snow shovel for Maddie - so she made do with a rake.

It seems the first real snowfall brings lots of fun - including shoveling the driveway. The kids are always so excited and are such a "big" help! I have to say - the best thing about the house I live in now is that it has a three car garage and an rv pad - and all the concrete to go with it! Which I love - in the spring/summer/fall. I have learned that to shovel that thing takes me three separate attempts. It is HUGE! But I'm glad that it is our HUGE driveway - for now anyway.

Here's to shoveling!

Jack love to shovel - he just usually shovels in the wrong directions and makes fun designs in the snow - more form over function for him.

Jacee is actually pretty good - just doesn't stay interested in it very long. I can relate.

Here's crew #1. Unfortunately it has snowed a couple of times since then, and Maddie and I are the main crew. I just try to remember, I'm glad my husband has a job that pays money and so it's ok I'm out here shoveling...

Friday, December 11, 2009

My New Favorite Christmas Thing

I have a new favorite Christmas tradition - and it may be hard to beat in the years to come...just prepping myself that it may not get any better than this...

We might have "borrowed" my mom's mistletoe that has been hanging in the house in Burley since I can remember. We hung it up and explained to the kids the tradition of getting a kiss if you are standing under the mistletoe., multiple times a day, Jack will stand under the mistletoe and call out, "Mom - I'm look where I'm standing!" And I promptly drop whatever I'm doing and run over and give him a kiss. I love this little guy!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Christmas Gathering

We're pretty lucky to have an ok family - ok they are pretty GREAT! I love getting together with them. We had a little impromtu gathering because Michelle and the kids were coming to town (no, she is not Santa...) and so we - gathered! The first pic is of the now famous Christmas Burrito. You just never know what Uncle Steve is going to come up is usually fun, loud, a bit rowdy, and the favorite of the night.

Here is Michelle withe new little Lizzy Beth (Elizabeth Brinn). I can't believe how small Lizzy is at a month old and how great Michelle looks - some things in life are just not fair!

Jacee and Maddie decorating the sugar cookies. Good think we were at my house this year because it was just a free-for-all with the sprinkles!

Uncle Steve and our "tween" McKell. He is always pesting someone!

Wy-honing with her cookies. She loves coming to her Aunt Julie's house!

The big girls were the first to finish decorating and the first to finish eating!

Like I said - free-for-all with the sprinkles. I'm pretty sure there are cookies in there somewhere...

The obligatory group shot.

And the crazy group shot in front of the tree. Thanks everyone for helping and contributing the a great conversation! (PS - Jen it wasn't that great of conversation - in fact in was quite boring - you missed nothing!)

Jen happened to call right when we were all getting together - she only called four more times during the next two hours!

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Another Santa

This santa just showed up at our house while Grama and Grampa were there. We were a little worried for a while until we found out it was the plumber for Columbus Homes.

Can't believe they were ever this little - what are they going to remember about our Christmases? What traditions are we making that they will want to do every year? My mom was so good at that...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Visit From Santa

Here are a few photos from visits with Santa. In 2007 - we had a very special Santa - Grampa Brent! Maddie wasn't too sure about the whole thing.

Jack was fascinated that Grampa was Santa.

And Jacee just wanted to let everyone know that she knew it was Grampa. It was great!

Maddie did a little better last year - mostly because she got a candy cane.

Jack was only so-so.

Jacee - ever picture ready - was just looking cute for the camera.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Past

Just remembering last Christmas. Our circumstances have changed so much! I'm glad my children got one Christmas where I had all of my Christmases growing up.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgivings Past

Just wanted to put up a quick post of Thanksgivings Past. When I look back at pictures, I am amazed that my children were every that little - and how big they are now. We have always loved Thanksgiving with all it's wonderful traditions. Thanks Grama Binki and Grampa Brent for providing such a wonderful time for all of us! We can't wait for this Thanksgiving!