Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Little Swimmin'

We told our children that on the first day of school we would go swimming - and so we did.

Jack figured out that when I count to three - he could go under when I say three and I would get a picture of him going under. I had to get tricky and take the picture when I said two instead of three.

So of course, Jacee would not be out done. Instead of going under - she would fling her body back into the water when I said three.

Here is a pic on took on count two. You can see the anticipation in Jacee's face and she is counting with me on her fingers - two!

We had a lot of fun - there were only two other people in the entire pool. It sure makes it easier to see where your kids are swimming. We love out little neighborhood pool!

Monday, August 30, 2010

After School Snacks

So, what do you do with your three year old when everyone else has gone to school?

Make cup cakes! What is it about these hand held cakes that are so fun and delicious?

Maddie and I made our traditional cupcakes for the first day afterschool snack. Of course we had to try one - or two before the kids came home.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Day Picks

The big day finally arrived!!! Jack got to ride the bus to kindergarten. I can't believe how much my sweet wonderful boy has grown.

Yes, I worry he'll make friends. I worry he'll get mad and hit someone. I worry he'll get his feelings hurt and no one will be there to comfort him. I worry he won't be able to snap his pants after he goes to the bathroom. I worry he'll be able to hear the teacher. I worry, I worry, I worry. Why do I worry so much more about these things than I did with Jacee? She just seemed so independent.

My little Jack is the one we tease that we need to build an apt in our basement for Jack to live in as an adult because he will never leave me. He is the first to give me kisses and say I love you. Sometimes he just needs to come be near me and touch me.

But, the time has come. I tried to help him put on his shoes and he said, "Mom, I can do it!" I asked him if he needed help in the bathroom and he said, "Mom, did you forget that I'm a big boy now?" I guess we need to change our story to - we need to build an apt in the basement of our house for Jack because mom never wants him to leave.

Sure do love my little/big guy.

Jacee on the other hand is made for school! My worries are different for her. I worry that she will be mean to other kids. I worry that she will be a show-off. I worry she will make someone feel - not very smart. I worry that she won't eat her lunch because she must get out "rule" on the playground.

She has always loved and excelled at school. She is my little Miss Go-Getter and this day couldn't come soon enough for her. She was up and ready by 7:30am. (Bus doesn't come until 8:54.) And after school she just gushed on and on about how great everything was.

Sure do love my big girl!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Priesthood Blessings

Growing up, we always got a Father's Blessing the night before school started. We have continued that tradition in our own little family. Maddie is not too sure about many things these days and a blessing was no exception. She was quiet and did fold her arms while she sat on my lap during the blessing but was not too thrilled with the entire process. Daddy gave her a very sweet blessing though, and I'm glad she was tolerant enough to let him give it to her.

Jack is loving everything about starting kindergarten - doesn't that face say it all! I loved how each blessing was special and specific for each child. How lucky we are for daddy to be a worthy priesthood holder.

Jacee is our pro. She is now an expert at all things back to school. She loved getting her blessing and I loved hearing it. I must make a note - John and I both had to dry a tear or two from our eyes before pictures were taken.

Can't believe they are growing up so fast.


I was very sick the weekend before school, so we really didn't get to do a TON of preparing. Luckily, John took on the bulk of it and took them school shopping a the MALL (all three kids by himself) and did a grand job. All kids came home alive and no one was crying!

So, I got to do the fun stuff. I took Jacee to get her nails painted at our local salon. This is something we use to do quite frequently - but now only once in a while. I thought Maddie would be into it too - but no go. She was content to sit and watch.

Here she is - she got turquoise nail polish with a white flower with pink accents. Way cute!

And Jack has discovered that he actually does like getting his hair cut! We took him to Cookie Cutters and he is in hog heaven. He chose to watch Scooby Doo and sit on the motorcycle. Good times. We went pretty short - you'll see in his first day pick. Can't believe my guy is going to be in kindergarten!

Well...bring on the new school year - my kids are ready even if I'm not!