Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have a dream...

John's dream landscaping!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sumer time fun

I don't know if there is anything sweeter than this picture. I love my kids.

Jacee during swim lessons.

Maddie with the ultimate swim hair. I know Grampa Brent will have plenty to say about this hairdo!
Warms a mother's heart. I love that my boys play together.
Jackson sure loves his sister Kayla. He was her little shadow and she sure took care of him.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


We had a big day of firsts at the Snake River yesterday. Jacee water skied on the ski board yesterday. We had quite a discussion leading up to the actual skiing. She wanted to know if I was scared when I first went on the ski board -yes! She wanted to know if even though I was scared, and my dad said to just do it, did I do it - yes! So, I felt I had talked her into it just a little bit, and as she was sitting at the edge of the dock as the boat was pulling away saying she didn't want to do it - I almost made John turn the boat around. But he didn't and she popped right up and went around the entire island. This is the expression she had the entire time. Afterwards she told me she was happy inside and she wanted to smile - she just couldn't.

Here is Mikayla driving the boat for the first time - which is great except I am on the tube with Maddie for her first tube ride - not so excited about that situation. John took over the wheel again and all was well!

Here is Mikayla on water skis for the first time - she got right up and had a great time.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ode to Maddie

Grama Binki has been a little upset that I do not have more pictures of Maddie on my blog. So here is post dedicated to my sweet little baby. If they all could be as easy as her!

Maddie a couple of months old.

Playing outside on a warm March day.

Showing off her new teeth (she now has 7 front and 4 molars).

With Grampa Mission on Memorial Day.

True to her genetics - she loves chocolate!

We love our sweet baby and can't imagine our family without her. She grows more active and interesting every day. Luckily she sleeps all night so we can recuperate from all her energy!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


We had such a great family reunion. We did the WEPR Olympics complete with Parade of Athletes and everything. We sure missed our mid-west family. It is such a great time for cousins to play and adults to solve the problems of the world. We sure love you guys!

Quote of the reunion goes to Josh (again). "Great, Uncle Gary just asked another complex question, now we'll never make it to the movie!"

Just a reminder of his previous quote of the reunion, "Aunt Julie screamed, Uncle John sweared, then everyone started to fill out papers." (We were involved in a small collision during WEPR 2006.)

John painting our family flag - go PetersOns!

Grama, Anna, and Big Sam. The kids sure loved getting stickers.

Abbey, Grampa, Baby Sammy, Ashley, and Grama around the camp fire.

Jackson, Isaac, and Baby Sam in their own wading pool for the Ocean Carnival.

Maddie with her own "Limbo" stick.

Jack finishing the marathon.

Jacee striking a pose - what a surprise!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Rough Week for Jack

I have to say we have been very lucky as far as injuries are concerned. Really nothing life threatening and the only trip to the emergency room has been me for my gall bladder. This week was not good for Jack. He got pushed down our trampoline stairs (not by any of the Tausingas just so you know!) and really scraped up his eye, then he was swinging from a rope attached to the tree in the back yard and his forehead and the tree became close friends. The picture does not do the goose egg justice. Luckily I know not to panic when Grampa Mission calmly looks at it and says he will be ok. He was up and running about 20 minutes later so all is well.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

John and Julie doing the Swing

Click on the title - John and Julie doing the Swing and it will take you to a video of our best dancing ever! And we know our heads are really big!

Hope this works. Fun times!

Wyoming Trek, Part 2

John on top of Independence Rock
Martin's Cove in the background
John and Rick pulling a handcart

I have avoided writing too much about the inspirational part of our trek because words cannot do it justice. To be where so many went through those both horrific and amazing experiences is very humbling. We had quite a bit of wind and rain and for some, ripped tents, but there is just no complaining on this trip. To complain is to be so ungrateful of all the pioneers went through - the starvation, the freezing, the death.

The most touching part for me was to hear about the mother's and their children. Some buried husbands and had to trek on alone - and most of the time buried other children along the way. To imagine them trying to pull a handcart with one hand and holding a small baby in the other is almost too much to bear.

They got to the point where they could not offer their children food, warm clothing or shelter. The only thing they could offer their children was actually the greatest of all - the knowledge of the Savior and His gospel. If only I would be so steadfast and and continue on through my small adversities.

I left the trek with a greater conviction to teach my children the gospel and to be stronger in my faith. I'm very lucky to have a wonderful husband who is alive and at my side to help me.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wyoming Trek part 1

We had a wonderful time on our Trek. It was both fun and inspirational. I will right more of the inspirational part later. Here are just a few fun pictures we took. We had wind, rain, and sun. I'm all ready missing the special spirit that is so abundant there. But we are glad to be back with our kids and glad they are safe and sound thanks to wonderful grandparents who are always willing to take good care of them.

Here we are in the actual Cove.
Here is our struggle to get over Rocky Ridge - notice our good shoes, warm weather with a slight breeze, and lots of food and water. Not quite the same as 3o mile an hour winds, a horrible snow storm, no shoes, no food, and a 27 hour continuous trek just to get over the mountain and into camp.

It didn't take John long to realize I was no help with the tent. (BTW - thanks Glade and Amber for letting us borrow your non-waterproof tent!)

Here we are with our friends Rick and Karen the morning we leave on our trek. Noticed the coiffed hair and make-up!

Our little photographer

Jacee is crazy about her new crocks. John was getting the camera ready for our Trek and he said to me, "I thought you deleted all the pictures on the card." To which I replied, "I did." I guess we have a budding Annie Lebowitz in the family!