Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Noticed in a Crowd

It seemed that whatever show we were watching, our kids always got picked from the crowd to join the show.  Here they are in the Incredibles Show.

Waiting for the Phineus and Ferb Show.

 Oh, got picked again!

 More from the Incredibles Show.  Of course Jacee strikes a pose while lifting the "heavy" weights.

 Picked for the Green Army Men from Toy Story.

Jacee also got picked to answer a question from Crush - the turtle from Nemo.  He picked three kids to ask questions.  "What's your name?"  "Jacee"  "How do you spell that?"  "J-A-C-E-E"  "Whoa, that was a lot more complicated than I thought!"  Pretty funny.

We sure had a great time and being a part of all those shows just made it all that more memorable.

Monday, March 12, 2012

What We Liked

Jackson:  I liked Star Tours because it was so awesome.
Maddie:  Princess lunch because we got to meet the princesses.
Jacee:  I remember going on Splash Mountain.  When we went down into the Briar Patch I was hugging the man in front of me with my legs.
Jackson:  Thunder Mountain because we went fast and up and down and there were holograms of rocks falling and filling up a hole in the mountain.
Maddie:  Little Mermaid because I got to see Skuttle.
Jacee:  Goofy's sky school because we were saying random words like "Zoinks, Squash, Watermelon." My mom kept saying, " Watch out for the chickens!"
Jackson:  California Screamin' because it was so fast it felt like we were going light speed.  I felt like I was flying.
Maddie:  Monsters Inc because I got to see the yellow guys that took the human sock off of a monster and yell 3-19.
Jacee: the big ferris wheel because I got to see all of Disneyland when we were up high and on top.
Jackson: Indianan Jones because of the music.
Maddie:Jungle Cruise because one of the monkeys had a gun
Jacee:  Jungle cruise because the guide was saying funny jokes.  One was "Your wife makes good meatloaf.  I know, I'm going to miss her!"
Jackson:  Toon Town because I got to go on a rollercoaster. - Jacee same.
Jacee:  Spinning Teacups - it's one of our annual rides and I love it!

We just love everything!!!!

My Brave Boy

 Disneyland was such a huge hit with all my kids.  But we re-learned one thing - Jackson is our brave child when it comes to riding rides.  He LOVES them!  He loved Splash Mountain, Soarin' Over California, Star Tours (3 times), Thunder Mountain and especially California Screamin'!  (He went on the Tower of Terror and hated it.  We finally figured out that he was scared of the story - not the falling...)

He sure had a wonderful time.  Our family just wouldn't be the same without our brave boy!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Best Part - Family Time!

 My favorite pic of the entire trip.  This is the last night and we finally broke down and bought ears for everyone.  So glad we did!  Maddie did leave hers in the rental car though...

Friday, March 9, 2012