Monday, October 24, 2011

Corn Belly's

 I have to say, since living in Utah, we have been pretty loyal to HeeHaws Pumpkin Patch.  This year, we got some coupons for Cornbelly's so we decided to give it a chance - and we LOVED it.  With the coupons, it was cheaper than Hee Haws and everything was included in the admission price - so the kids could do everything instead of us saying, "No, you can't do that because it costs extra."  Hooray for Cornbelly's!  John got three shots out of the corn cob cannon for helping with the pig races - Jack loved it.

 Maddie was in heaven at the Pumpkin Princess Playground.  She had to have one serious shot and one silly shot in the carriage.

 This  might have been one of my favorites of the evening - the hippity-hop horses.  John was awesome!  I tried to get some action shots of his hair bouncing around - it was great!

 The castle changed our entire design for our backyard playset - we will now have a two-story castle instead of a boring old fort.  It's going to be awesome - someday!
 Duck races were Jacee's favorite.
 The corn snake was more fun to take a picture by than to actually walk through.

 These peddle cars were Jack's favorite thing of the evening.  We were pretty lucky and came when it wasn't too busy so not a lot of lines.  They got to ride the peddle cars a few times.

 The BEAST!  Jacee and Jack made it with dad while Maddie stayed out with Grama and me.

 Getting ready to watch the pig races.  Both Jacee and John got picked to help cheer for the pigs - 
good times!

 Maddie consulting the map while munching on a cracker.  She is a crack up!

We also went on two hay-rides.  One Grama loved and the other was way too bumpy and she couldn't wait to get off.  I think Grama's favorite part was sitting by a huge fire pit.

I must say, we had a wonderful time and will make Cornbelly's our new go-to place in October.

(PS - only six days until Halloween!!)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jackson is Seven!

 I can't believe my little boy is seven.  He is such a wonderful boy, I don't think there is a sweeter boy on the planet - and I'm lucky he belongs to us!  Here we are at his birthday breakfast.  

 This was the year of the weapons.  Double sword that comes apart to make two swords, a killer hatchet and a transformers mask from Grama A.

 We took him AC for lunch.  Here he is with two buddies - Carson and Wesley.

 Instead of a cake he wanted cupcakes and thanks to daddy, mom now has a thingy to frost them with.  Fun!

 Did I mention it was the year of the weapon?  We made marshmallow guns for the birthday party and then had a marshmallow war.

 I just wanted him to make marshmallow guns, but in his usual fabulous way - John gave them enough parts to make two different kinds of guns.  It was great!
 Of course we had to have protective eye-gear! 

 Here they are in the "safe way to have a marshmallow war" seminar.

 Let the war begin!

 We found very quickly that they wanted to remake and remake their guns in different configurations - something that my girly mind didn't even consider.  I guess I should have wised up when John was making the prototype and had to show me 80 million different ways you could make a marshmallow gun.

 Even Grama got in on the action - she even did a double marshmallow shot!

 Jack blowing out candles.

 Jack and Sammy showing off their guns.

Overall, it was a fabulous party.  Jack had a ton of fun and just enjoyed the day.  Sometimes I look at my little boy and realize he is not so little anymore.  I am enjoying the stage he is in right now, but some days I long for those warm cozy days where I would just sit and rock him for most of the day.  I love this guy!