Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Past

Just remembering last Christmas. Our circumstances have changed so much! I'm glad my children got one Christmas where I had all of my Christmases growing up.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgivings Past

Just wanted to put up a quick post of Thanksgivings Past. When I look back at pictures, I am amazed that my children were every that little - and how big they are now. We have always loved Thanksgiving with all it's wonderful traditions. Thanks Grama Binki and Grampa Brent for providing such a wonderful time for all of us! We can't wait for this Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

1st Snow

We woke up to a fresh coat of snow covering the ground. Perfect Timing - mid November. We had a storm predicted all week - and this is just the kind I love. There was enough snow for the kids to play in, but it wasn't cold or blowing. As soon as they looked out the window - the snow clothes came on! Thanks to Geni and Nicole our kids had snow pants that fit!

Maddie is not into the snow clothes at all. She put on her cookie monster shirt, a warm up jacket and her crocks and was ready to go out side (really - that's all she had on - no undies or nothing!) She finally went for a coat, hat, gloves and boots, warm up pants - but no snow pants. She lasted about 20 minutes.

It seems the tramp is usually the first place they go in the snow - this is 8:30am by the way.

Jacee made this cute little snow man all by herself. When she came in to get a carrot - I had to investigate to see if there really was something to put that carrot in - sure enough! It's now a little after 10am and she is still out playing in the snow with the neighborhood kids. Perfect Snow Day!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 Years - Can You Believe It?

Yep, it's been ten years since John and I had our whirlwind romance and got married! It was the best anniversary we have had. John planned the entire thing and was full of surprises - it was wonderful! We started out with a couples massage that was just pure heaven (with a few moments of pain but well worth it!) And then headed off to SLC to our hotel. We stayed at the Peery Hotel - it is 100 years old and right down town. We loved staying at this "historic landmark." We had reservations and a small Italian restaraunt, but deemed the service unbearable so we stormed out never to return! Ok - so we quietly left...John can tell you the story later. We ended up at Olive Garden and it was delish!

In our room - John had pre-arranged to have 10 red roses with lilies waiting when we arrived - they get more beautiful everyday as the lilies open.

He also got me my favorite perfume, which I have been out of for about 18 months, and some un-mentionable from VS! He also designed a vinyl sign that has my favorite saying - Live Life Joyfully. What a modern man I have.

After dinner, we went dancing and then back to the hotel. We slept in until about 9:30am. I don't even remember the last time I slept in - that might have been the best part of the weekend for me! Then off to breakfast and home to these three wonderful darlings.

A big thanks to Grama and Grampa, Steve and Nat, and Gary and Kathy for tag-teaming with the kids while we were gone. It sure is nice to know they are being loved and taken care of. And thanks honey - it was the best anniversary yet! Love you!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jack's Finger

We had a little bit of trauma with Jack the other day. He came to me with this little ruler on his middle finger. His finger was so swollen, I could not twist it off, get it off with cooking oil, or cut if off with scissors. He was really starting to freak out - and so was I! I realized I had to get him somewhere and fast! At first I thought of the fire station because they had the jaws of life - after all, if it can cut through a car it could probably cut through plastic. (Remember - I don't think too clearly in a medical emergency - someday just ask me about when Jack cut his eyelid.)

Anyway...after that I remembered there is a new insta-care close - so off we went. As I was driving, I also remembered there was a new pediatricians office on the way - and that would save me $10 in a co-pay.

We got to the doctor's and they took us right back, got out the cast-cutting saw, and the rest is history. Whew! Of course I had visions of Jack losing his finger (just like I had visions of him losing his eye.) We are pretty lucky that there was only a tiny cut from the saw that didn't really even need a band-aid.

Love you Jack!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Perfect Halloween

Two kitties and a bat!

Aren't they cute? Not bad for a last minute costume change.

Our littlest kitty and.............Book Face! (Or rather Face Book.)

Batman and a witch in Grama A's magic chair.

My cute little Buzzy Bee...

And the little know hybrid - the Wee!

We had the most perfect Halloween yet to date. I was very worried about the weather after experiencing many days of snow. But Halloween dawned bright and sunny. I even had to open the windows to let in a cool breeze. I think it might have gotten up to 75 degrees!

We first spent the day just preparing - cleaning the house, getting the corn chowder in the crock pot, and then off to Grama A's to go Trick-or-Treating. She was so fun - she had dressed up like a witch and had great treats!

Then we rushed home to go to the neighborhood party. Jacee had misplaced her bee antennae and so decided to go as a cat - like mommy. Well once Maddie saw that she wanted to be a cat too. So - mommy sacrificed her ears and tail so I had two cute little kittens following me around. Jack, luckily, was content to be Batman all day - whew!

We next hit Steve and Natalie's and her famous, homemade chicken noodle soup -yummy! Then back home to give out candy to the Trick-or-Treaters and daddy took the kittens and batman out. Batman and baby kitty lasted until about 7:45pm with Jacee lasting until a little after 8pm.

Then it was party time! John put up the projector screen in the basement so all the kids found a comfy spot with pillows, blankets, and of course their bags of candy. We didn't hear a peep from them for an hour and a half! So, in peace, the adults had corn chowder, scones, pumpkin cookies, apples and caramel dip, and brownies. We played some great games with Gary stealing the show as Napoleon (not Dynamite - the real one!)

Overall - GREAT Halloween. We only wish Grama and Grampa Mission were here to join in the fun - they will be next year!!

Now we can't wait for Thanksgiving!!!!

A Halloween Visit with Grama A