Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We're All Together Again - We're Here, We're Here

My parent's had their report so our family all descended upon Burley last weekend. We went Friday night so of course we had to hit Charlie's for breakfast Saturday morning. When we lived in Burley, Jackson would usually request a pancake from Charlie's for breakfast. If you are ever in town - head to Charlie's and tell 'em the Petersons sent you!

Here we all are. We are missing Jerry, Seth, Sarah, Benjamin, Joshy, Michelle and baby Lizzie Beth, Aimee and Mikayla. There is just something about seeing the house on Burton Ave chuck full of kids - just like old times.

Here is our little family with Grama and Grampa. So good to have them back. We have been able to see them every week since they have been home - it's been GREAT! We are one lucky family. Thanks mom and dad - for never giving up and keeping our family close. Love you!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Son

Jackson has always played on the floor - ever since he was a little guy. He is in heaven with our new house because it has a ton of hardwood floors that work great for his trains and train tracks.

It is fun to watch and listen to his made-up games with the trains. They go on lots of adventures! I just wish the adventures weren't so often in the front room blocking the front door. Alas - I'll enjoy it while I can because before I know it I'll turn around and the trians will be boxed up and he'll be off not wanting to play with mom so much.

Sure do love this little guy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Miss

I know I just posted about this little one - but she is crackin' me up lately...

Jacee wanted "wavy" hair one day for school - so we braided her entire head at night and I took them out in the morning - well Little Miss Maddie couldn't be left out - but she didn't want me to take the braids out. I think she had them in for two days!
Oh - and notice her go-to pose.

She is usually all girl - but one day she decided to be batman.

Here's how she originally started out - as naked batman. I had her go put her jammies on - but not before I got a picture of course!
Love that Little Miss Maddie!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

They're Home! They're Home!

Yeah -they're home!

My parents returned home from their third and (we hope) final mission yesterday. They were greeted at the airport by lots of adoring grandchildren. Upon first sighting the newly returned missionaries - the grandchildren rushed them and ensuing group hug blocked the hallway. We were then asked politely to move along by airport security.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh What a Girl!

I knew when breakfast started out this way, I needed to document how many times Maddie changes her clothes in one day. Now - this day is not special. She does this EVERYDAY. The saving grace is that she can change by herself. She even pulls the stool up to her closet so she can reach her clothes. My only involvement is hanging everything back up. So - outfit #1 is for breakfast.

Outfit #2
You will soon see her go-to pose is both arms extended. Every time I would say, "let me take a picture." Out went the arms.

Outfit #3
She was really the most proud of the princess boots that light up. She was disappointed it didn't show on the picture.

Outfit #4
This is her favorite and she puts it on at least one time a day. It is a dry clean only dress and I've given up - it will probably never be clean again.

Outfit #5
If you spend anytime at my house - you know that there is always a period during the day that Maddie is buck naked.

Outfit #6
Just some comfy jammies.

Outfit #7
Sleeping Beauty dress.
We recently decided to quit paying for t.v. and as a result of this - Maddie has discovered the video - Sleeping Beauty - her new fav. She was thrilled to realize we had an actual Sleeping Beauty dress in our dress ups.

Outfit #8
More comfy jammies for night-night.

Love you Maddie - hope you always stay this fun and exciting!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Girl's First Ballgown

I will never forget the day my parents bought me my first ballgown. I put it on and just did twirls in front of the mirror. I think I even did some homework in it because I could not bear to take it off.

And when I watched my daughter put on this ballgown, I saw all the emotions I felt that first time reflected in her eyes.

What is it about a beautiful dress, with lots of feathers and rhinestones, and with a huge skirt that will endlessly twirl?

We are pretty lucky to get ballgowns from my sister to use for my daughters very first ballroom dance team routine. I can't believe she is actually old enough to be on a ballroom team!

I am excited for many more years of feathers and rhinestones to come. And may she never get sick of twirling - just like I never did when I tried on my second ballgown...and my third...and well you get the idea!

Monday, March 8, 2010

You Never Know

I have found that when you work with the young women - you just never know who will show up at your door - and with what. One of my YW had been calling me and asking me when I would be home because she and another one of my yw had made me something and her mom wanted it out of the house as soon as possible! Yes - a little ominous to say the least. Well, yesterday after church - the two girls showed up with this! A spaghetti and meatball cake. I have to say - it did look like a big plate of spaghetti and meat balls! Those two girls are pretty creative. Thanks for thinking of me girls!