Friday, June 22, 2012

My Little Girl is Growing up

 One thing Jacee has loved since she was a little girl was going to the salon.  She loves getting her hair and nails done.  John gave me a gift certificate to a Salon for mother's day so Jacee and I made a mother/daugher date.  Here she is with her hc and style.  She loves it. She looks waaaay too grown up.

 This is also her first year on swim team and she LOVES it!  (I'm not sure who loves it more - me or her.  I get a little choked up each time I watch her swim.  Does a parent's pride ever fade in their children?  I hope not!)
Her coach gives a razzle dazzle award to a hard working swimmer each week.  When Jacee found out about it, she told me her goal was to earn the award.  Monday, she ran out to the car to show me her award - she did it!  I often hear her ask her coach if she can try something one more time (flip turns, dive off the block).  Her practice is at 7am and it is soooo hard for me!  On days that she seems extra tired, I ask her if she wants to sleep in, she says no way!  She is such a hard worker.  I am so proud of her!  Love you my little fish.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

End of School Festivities

 Here are a few pics from  the  end of the school year.  Maddie and I got to go to Isaac's kindergarten graduation.  I can't believe it will be Maddie next year!
 For the entire month of May, the First Grade classes have a theme everyday.  Here is Jackson ready to go to Pirate Day.  I think he is so handsome.
 Field day was a bit of a challenge this year but at least they had it.  Here is Jack with Thomas ready to do the three-legged race and below, the class finished an activity a bit early so the teacher asked them to show her what dead people looked like.  Great way to contain them and also very entertaining for the parents!

Jack prepped and ready for the frisbee toss.  

I can't believe another school year has come and gone.  I will have all three kids at the same school next year.  Am I ready for that phase of life?  I know they are safe and loved with me, it's hard to send them out  into the world.  Well, I'll worry about that later, I'll just enjoy that I get them home all summer!