Friday, August 30, 2013

Max - the one-eyed Bandit

 Well, we've had Pouncer for a year and all is well so why not add another pet?  We've SAID we've wanted a dog for a long time.  We've even tried out two of John's picking.  Unfortunately they were dogs that needed to be outside on a farm herding animals.  Not so good for us city folk.

I've wanted an inside dog.  I just feel bad for all those dogs left outside, especially in Utah in the WINTER!

Well,  John finally found a dog we could both live with - a Maltipoo.  Small, cute, but not too girly.

He is suppose to be a good companion dog, likes to sleep with the kids, and very smart.

So far he has followed me around all day.  If I've left the room and he didn't notice, he'll whine until I come get him.  Right now he is snuggled up right by me while I type.

So far the kids adore him and have even cleaned up his poop!

Wow, I kinda feel like a real family - I don't even know how to explain that...

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