Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm in Denial

Wow - I have been putting off this post. I can't believe my baby has started pre-school. I join the neighbor hood preschool and this year we didn't start until October, which was actually fine with me. I almost didn't put her in it. If we don't have another baby - this is it. My youngest starting school. It makes me a little sad. It seems with Jacee I was gung-ho to put her in everything but now that I know how fast the time flies, I just enjoy Maddie being at home. There's time enough for all the activities in the future.

She wanted a picture by both the witch and the scarecrow. The scarecrow was outside and she could barely open her eyes for the pic. I tried to shade her but you can see it didn't work so well.

I have discovered she's going to be that child that is wonderful for everyone else, but a stinker for me when I'm the teacher. Yep, she has been sent to her room for a time-out every time I have taught so far. Good times!

Love you Maddie, try not to grow up too fast. Mommy loves you.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let the Family Time Begin!

It's funny. We live close to three of my brothers and four of John's sisters - but sometimes, weeks and weeks go by without us seeing them. Last weekend, we finally got to spend some quality time with John's side.

My niece, Cassie, was Marian the Librarian in her school's production of The Music Man. Everyone who lived in Utah, plus Grama and Grampa, plus Camille and Linsee from Elko went to see the play. John had to work and I had Maddie and Jack so we didn't go - but luckily Jacee did. She loved every second of it! (Except the kissing her cousin was doing on stage!) Lori hosted everyone before the show and then kept all the little girls for a sleep over. The next day we all met up for some lunch and eventful shopping. We are lucky Lori was with us because she chaperoned all the little kids for free ice cream at Coney's while the rest of the adults sat at Paradise Cafe - thank Lori!

This little get together just made me excited to get on with the holidays! It seems once Thanksgiving hits we get together with family a ton. I can't wait!

To all those heading to Burley - watch out because we are leaving bright and early Wed morning...the race is on!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Leaves, Leaves Everywhere!

Here is my fabulous daughter who has been posing for pictures her entire life. Even as a baby she would pose. Right now she is into the "pensive" phase. (Looks like she needs a new pair of leggins.)

Anyway...we had a great weekend last week. My nephew was baptized so we got to hang out with family. We always wait for the leaves to fall from the giant trees by the pool. We had been watching them for days - and they finally fell! We took a couple of rakes and had a grand time. Jacob and Jacee were more interested in climbing the trees but Abby, Isaac, Jack and Maddie loved raking up the leaves and then jumping in them. It was nice and warm so we didn't even need jackets. All in all, a perfect Fall day!

Yep - posing mid-jump!

Maddie getting in on her jump. There were smiles as I took it - 2 seconds later there was one mad face and one delighted face. Maddie seems to thrive on pushing people's buttons.

Abby had a great jump and slide. (Notice Maddie in the background trying to get in on it again.)

This one might be favorite pic of the day. Right now, John has to use my camera everyday to take pics of houses - so I am stuck with the camera on my phone. It's not bad except the shutter speed is horrible. It can take anywhere from 1-5 seconds, so getting an action shot is tricky. He's the only one I actually got in mid-air. Love it!

Did I ever mention I have a nephew that's part monkey? And this is not the highest he climbed that day.

I always love the pics with just the face showing. What's a day of playing in the leaves without getting buried?

Maddie's shot.

For some reason Jackson always looks kinda like a zombie when I take this pic - he's done it for years.

Cute Abby.

I would like to say Maddie is going for the pensive look like Jacee - but no - she is just mad because I wouldn't let her crawl over the fence to play with the leaves that were in the street.

I love this "before" shot.

And the "after".

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

Here we are - all ready to go Trick-or-Treating. I finally gave in and let Maddie wear whatever she wanted (she has on a Vampire costume, adult witch wig, and kid witch hat). She did have a darling Minnie Mouse costume, which she wore the the Fall Festival - but what is the fun of wearing it twice? Anyway - here is what she came up with - isn't she cute???

Since Jack has spent some time with his cousin Jake - he has learned all about policemen, firemen, and S.W.A.T guys. So - here is my S.W.A.T. guy. He made it for about an hour of Trick-or-Treating and then was content to sit by mom while I made scones, pick through his candy, and just hang out.

This is the first year Jacee has changed her mind on costumes. Usually she knows what she wants to be in early September, but this year we bought one costume (movie star) and ended up returning it for the Go-Go Girl. She did have cute white "fake" boots -but didn't like them so went with the warm brown ones. Since it was raining I was ok with that.

We had a great time. John and I have talked about making scones for our Trick-or Treaters since we have been married and have never done it - we went for it this year and it was great. We took turns manning the fryer and the other went out with the kids. There was a light rain but nothing that stopped the fun. Steve, Nat and Jena came over to hang out and with it a second wind for Jacee - who took Kimble and Carter to the houses with the best loot (Grahams - FULL size candy bars and Miners - play dough). Good times!

I love Halloween - it marks the start to all the holiday madness - now on to Thanksgiving!