Saturday, August 27, 2011

El Salvadoor

Well...I didn't take my camera on my trip to El Salvador because I figured I would just use my phone camera - which is what I always use now. Well, in Atlanta, John totally freaked me out and told me to just completely shut off my phone because he didn't want to explain how to turn off my data plan. He was worried we would be charged $80million if I had my data plan running in a foreign country. So, for once, I was very obedient and didn't turn on my phone. So, as a result, I have two picture - both in Atlanta.

The above is of Janie trying to steal the Delta Airlines blanket. She thought if she wore it as a scarf they would not notice it was one of their blankets - even if it did have the Delta logo stitched to the corner! She even told me if I didn't rat her out, I might be lucky enough to get a similar red scarf for Christmas!

Here we are trying to sleep on the floor in the Atlanta airport. Our flight from SLC left at 12:50am and arrived in Atlanta at 6am local time (4am our time) and our connecting flight left at 10am local time. Well, we were exhausted, because instead of sleeping on the plan, we chatted all night. We tried to find a piece of comfy floor and arranged our purses and lumpy pillows to try to catch a few zzzzzzzzz...well, we didn't sleep very well.

Every time I looked over at Janie she seemed to be comfy and sleeping peacefully, she said the same about me. After an hour or so we realized neither was comfy or sleeping, so we went to find some hot chocolate since we were FREEZING and wait it out.

Even with adventured like this, we had a fabulous time. More info to come...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back To School

Hmmm, I am trying a new app from my phone. The pics turned out weird but oh well.

Maddie eating her After school snack.

Jacee at lunch with some best friends.
Jack's awesome pose before school.

After dad's back to school priesthood blessing.

Yummy treats!
Maddie would not be left out of any pictures. We did get her a new outfit to wear, she put it on for about a minute, declared it itchy, and went to put on her traditional non-matching ensemble.

Our traditional 1st day of school - after school treats.

She looks so grown up - I'm freaking out a little bit.
Maddie insisted on pics with mom and dad. Glad I actually woke up and showered!

Yes, I did go for his first school lunch. I was so glad it was pizza instead of the potato-crusted fish they served today.
Jacee's blessing with dad.

I keep wondering when it is going to be easier for me to send my kids to school. So far I have cried every year. And I miss them so much. They, on the other hand, can't wait to get out the door to the school bus. I should be grateful they love school. I sure love them. At least I still have one more year with Mads.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Off They Go

I went home to help my mom and dad pack up and drive them to the airport. We worked pretty hard all day. We all took a break on the stairs and didn't seem to get back to work very quickly. It always is a daunting task to get them ready to go, but we do it, and they go...

4am - time to leave for the TF airport.

My mom was very good this time and followed all the rules. One was that you could not take a purse if you were carrying on a laptop. Well, we got there and all the other women had purses with them. My mom had packed hers and they were already whisked away with her luggage. The only thing I had in my car was a "U" bag. Here she is transferring her stuff into her make shift purse. When you are desperate, even a "U" Bag will do.

She told me she carried it with the "U" facing the inside most of the time, except the layover in SLC. She figured it was ok there.

My dad trying to work out VISA problems. It seems there is something wrong everytime they fly out of Twin. Luckily this was easily solved and did not cause too much stress.

My mom waving goodbye once she passed through security.

Finally getting ready to go.

I have missed them so much. We haven't really figured out the phone thing so I've only talked with them once. I can't wait to see them next week. I love and miss them so much!