Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Maddie's First Day of Kindergarten

 So, it if finally here.  The day my Maddie Moo leaves me for real.  She was nervous but excited.  She has waited for two years to be able to ride the bus to school.  She has Mrs. Ashworth - who was Jackson's teacher, so she is very excited.  Mrs. Ashworth feels like she knows Maddie because I was the room mom and always had Maddie in tow when we went to help in Jackson's class.

 Luckily, she has two cute friend at the bus stop so they all sat together.

 Yes, I did follow the bus to school, and here she is coming off the bus.
 Now another pic by the play ground.
 Now lining up to go into her classroom.
And her after the first day of school snack - square donuts from Lehi Bakery!  She's back, we have snuggled, she told me all about her day.  Shes sits at the purple table, she is with her two friends.  She red a book about a racoon.  She gave me a picture of a hand with a heart on it.  She Loves School!  (I'm glad, but I'm also glad she is home with me right now.)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Miss Independent Maddie

Oh what do you do with a child that likes to do things herself?  She likes to pick out her own clothes, do her own hair, fix her own cereal.  There is seldom a time she asks for help.  I am trying to convince John this is a good thing that will serve her well in life.  It is just hard when she is clean and dressed and she still looks like a waif because her clothes choice may not be what you would like and she had figured out how to  put her hair in a pony tail  - kind of. 

 Well, a few Sundays ago she let me help her pick out her Sunday out fit and she let me curl her hair.  WOWZA!  She looked to darling.  (Truth be told, Jacee has figured out she holds power over Maddie and if Jacee suggests something, Maddie is on board such as:  I think your hair would look so cute if mom curled it...etc.)

Anyway, it was nice to have her all cutey - tooty for church but I must stay, I will take her independent spirit any day over a baby gap ad child any day.

I love this girl!  (But thanks for the help Jacee - it is nice to have her like this once in a while!)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School Time

 This is the year I have been dreading the most...when all my children will be in school.  Maddie starts kindergarten this year.  Here she if after her Father's Blessing.

 Jackson, always ready with a peace sign.
 I really can't believe she is a fourth grader.  

 First Day.  He was cold, really was more excited than he looks.

 Yep, that's my girl.  Rockin' the red jeans.  She is so sassy - love it!
 Bus stop with friends this year -hooray!

 Day two, still looking great.  

 Only down side - Spotty died.  We bought two new fish for Maddie and I think they gave him a disease.  He had tiny white bumps all over him.  We have had him for two years and he's been a good little fish.  Jackson and I might have cried for a little bit.

 One of the beauties of living where we do is a year round swimming pool.  While most pools close when school starts, we get to keep on enjoying ours.  And it's never very crowded once school begins.  It was us and one other family.

Here is Maddie burying her two new fish. They died today, good riddance.  I was mad at them for making Spotty sick.  I guess our pet days are over for a while.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bridal Veil Falls

 Let's just say, the kids were wayyyyy more adventurous than Jen and I thought they would be.  I know you really can't tell from the pictures, but Jen and I will know how high they actually were.  Glad we all made it home safely!  But - one of my favorite days with the Brewer Bunch.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Tidbit from the Brewer Invasion

 My sister Jen was here with her kids for their annual summer visit and here is just a peek of what we did while they were here. Sleeping outside on the tramp for starters.
 Joshy turned five and we ate at pizza pie cafe.

 We then went to the park for cake and the giant slip and slide.

 Boating three times - twice with only John and all the kids (thanks!)  I think they had a lot more fun without the moms trying to slow the driver down on the bumps!
 Maddi and Joshy were cute little buddies.  They had a grand old time.
 Matching first day of school outfits from Justice.  Jen - you're welcome for introducing Sarah to the wonderful world of retail.  Your life will never be the same!

 Uncle Steve modeling Kimble's new school shoes - which are too big for Steve!
 Lemonade, Jewelry and cupcakes for sale. They did this twice and made about $20 each.
 Jen just plain tuckered out.
 The little buddies again.
 Maddie having a snack at Jump on It

 This was an unexpected hit - they loved all the trampolines.
 Maddie and Lizzie in the foam pit.

 Lehi Bakery square donuts of course!

 Last Day.  We heard lots of - I wish you lived here.  Can't you stay for just two more years.  That went by so fast!  
 Last meal - Red Robin

 Goodbye sister - I miss you!