Friday, September 25, 2009


Jack has started preschool this year and loves it! We just joined a neighborhood group that takes turns teaching so we don't have to pay any money. I taught the second week and was pleasantly surprised with how focused and hard working Jackson was. I didn't think he was really into "academics" like Jacee was - but he really loves it and works really hard. As soon as we make our million, I'm going to put him in a preschool class.

Even though I think Jack is as cute as can be, my favorite part of this picture is Maddie in the background. Notice she has her flip flops, a binder, jewelry, and I can't tell what else, clutched tightly in her paws. Whenever we go somewhere - she frantically grabs everything within reach to take with her - like we are never coming back so she has to take it all NOW! Most of the time it is cute - and sometimes very frustrating. Sure do love these kids though.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Camping 101

So, we decided, spur of the moment, to go camping up in AF canyon. Steve and the boys went with us for the fire pit part, and then we were going to stay and camp. We got a late start, and had no idea where we were going, so we started to drive, and drive, and drive and drive (to the tune of Pioneer Children...) After driving forever, and finding all the campgrounds full, we found an empty fire pit and pulled over to eat dinner - about 8:45pm. As soon as we stopped, Jacee threw up. She felt a little better and then wanted to get in the car to go to sleep about 9:15pm. Jack and Maddie soon followed suit. Here are their pictures all snuggled up, ready for bed, in the truck.

Yes, that is soot all over Maddie's face. We didn't realize it because it was so dark, but that camp ground was covered with soot. We got home with black shoes, black jeans, and black kids!

Kimble and Carter were pretty good sports. They stayed out by the fire until we left at 10pm. We learned that if you are going to go camping - know where you are going before you even leave!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Turning Five

I'm not really good at my blog - I just post pictures the normal way and write captions - I can't get this picture where I want it so you'll see the rest of the post at the bottom!

Well, he is actually five. That is always the age where, to me, they stop being your little one and start to really be a big kid. Except...he is still my little one. I get frustrated that he still wants me to get him dressed but I love that he still lets me kiss him. I get frustrated that he never wants to go to bed, but I love that he wants me to snuggle him. I get frustrated that he never wants to brush his teeth or hair, but I love when he runs in the room to show me how how handsome he is after daddy combs his hair. I hope that he contintues to grow up healthy and strong but pray that he never outgrows his momma. I love this little guy.

Playing can ball for the first time was a big hit, you need to click on the picture to enlarge it so you can see the look on Jack's face!

He picked out a Wall-e cake...go figure.

He was very concerned that his excavator was put together correctly. When daddy wasn't using the directions - he brought them over and poured over them and checked daddy's work.

Good old King's in Burley. We found this for half off the normal price - everyone loves it (even daddy - I walked into the room to find daddy using the excavator to play with all the styrofoam pieces - picture at the top.)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bound to Happen

I think I have been holding my breath for six years (since Jacee was born) waiting for this to happen. I should count myself lucky that it has not happened sooner and actually is not too bad.

Yesterday I was talking on the phone with my parents and John came to me and asked, "Did you cut Maddie's hair? She keeps saying - cut hair, cut hair." No, I didn't cut her hair, but I looked into the garbage can and found about four clumps of dark blonde hair. Sure enough - Maddie had taken the scissor and hacked off the side of her hair - she is now sporting the ever popular Mullet! I don't know why Jacee didn't ever attempt this, and I'm grateful. And Maddie's is not as bad as some I've seen - so now it is just another funny story - because it was bound to happen sooner or later!

Friday, September 11, 2009

She's Growing Up

Oh my baby Maddie....or not-so-baby Maddie. Today I was reminded a plethora of times that she is growing up. First - she is wearing big-girl panties (not quite accident free yet - but close). This is the first time in six and a half years that we have not had diapers in the house.

Next, she came outside to help me clean and she had on sock and shoes that she put on herself. Now, this might seem normal to most of you, but remember, I am still trying to get Jack to dress himself at age five - so I forgot that a two year old can actually be a little independent.

Later, I found her perched atop a stool, that she had dragged to the pantry, to get the cookie cutters of the TOP shelf (which she did successfully).

Then I asked if she wanted to go with me to pick up Jacee from school and her reply was, "No mom, I'll be ok here." WHAT?

I can't believe these little munchkins are mine and I get to share their lives. I love them so much, and can't believe how fast they are growing up. I just hope I'm building relationships with them that will get us through any hard times ahead. (How can I all ready be stressing about their teen-age years!) my baby...who is not my baby any longer...but who will always be my baby. Love you Mad Dog!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some Funnies

I realized I needed to be typing things my kids say so I can remember them later. Here are two from today:

J - how did you and dad decide to get married?
M - he saw me, thought I was beautiful and a good dancer and decided to marry me.
J- I'm worried I won't ever get married.
M - You will, one day you will meet a wonderful boy who goes to church and who you think will be a good daddy and you'll want to marry him.
J - but what if he smokes (hmmm, where did this come from?)
M - he won't, you'll find the right one and fall in love.
J - how will I know he will be the right one?
M - remember when we talk about the spirit? you'll feel it in your heart and you'll know. You'll probably have lots of boys that want to marry you, and you'll pick the right one.
J - he'll be like daddy, he works hard, he doesn't smoke(is it red ribbon week at school - she seems to be a little obsessed with the smoking?), and he tries to get money for our family.
M - yes, I hope you find one just like daddy.

Jackson is turning five tomorrow and he is so excited. While we were snuggling in bed I asked him how old he was going to be tomorrow. He took a moment to ponder the question (that I have been asking him a million times this last week - to which he always promptly answers five! but not this time.) I think I will be 100 he says with the biggest grin on his face. I love it when he teases me!