Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jack's Bday

The Traditional Birthday Breakfast - donuts and chocolate milk.

Wow - is he really six?

1st Lego set put together - the Castle and Catapult.

2nd Lego Set - Firetruck and Trailer.

Sitting with his toys and decorations. Dad and I can't let go and admit he is growing up - we did get him a Woody and a Buzz Light Year - both welcomed with a lukewarm smile. He is starting to outgrow the "little kid" toys. Sigh...

I thought we would be having a "Thomas" party this year - nope. He went for a Robin Hood Theme. Here is the mean Sherriff sleeping with the bags of gold under his chair. The kids had to try to sneak up on him and steal the gold.

And our version of "Don't Eat Pete" was "Don't Eat Robin Hood". Always a crowd pleaser.

Present Time - always the favorite!

John made each one a bow and arrow so we had some target practice. I must say that I don't know of cooler party favors than a Robin Hood hat and a bow and arrow to take home.
Way to go honey - you're the man!

Happy Birthday my son. I sure do love you.
You bring balance to a house full of crazy girls! Enjoy being six!

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Walt and Eileen said...

Fun birthday theme, Jackson! You are our "Robin Hood." We love you...happy 6th year on earth.

Love, G/G Mission