Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tender Moment (tears)

We have had a crazy week this week. Tuesday, Jacee had a dance practice and then a performance - she had to be at the school from 3:30-7pm. When I picked her up from school I had a peanut butter sandwich and milk for her to eat in the car and then I had some treats and a drink for her packed in her bag. As we were driving she said, "Mom, you are so good to me. Thanks for getting all these things for me - how did you know to do that?" I said, "I have been a dancer and know how long these rehearsals are." And Jacee said (tears), "And I bet your mom took care of you and always had treats for you and then she taught you to be a good mom." How do you reply when you are crying. "Yes Jacee, that is exactly right. My mom always took care of me and taught me to be a good mom."

I remember my mom getting up and having breakfast ready before early morning practices. She was always ready to run to the school with whatever we forgot and needed that day. I remember many times I would open my school locker and find a little treat or a note my mom left for me. Thanks mom for being such a good mom - and teaching me to be a good mom. I love you and miss you a lot.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year again! And when you have a wonderful tree that shades the entire back yard, it's hard to grumble when it's time to pick up all the dead sticks and branches that invariably fall from the tree anytime there is a slight breeze. Luckily Grama and Grampa bought a fire pit so cleaning up the yard was kinda fun because we got to burn the branches! Jacee and Jack had a grand time running from stick pile to stick pile and then throwing their treasures on the fire. Truthfully, it was mostly smoke and John didn't want that in the picture (please notice the roaring flames.)

And here's the truth behind the roaring flames - John got the pump and really got the fire roaring right before we took the picture. Fun times! Overall the yard looks great - now it's time to start mowing!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Jack and I were snuggling before he went to sleep - a nightly ritual that has become even more important now that daddy is gone so much. The nightly snuggle, along with the bedside lamp seem to help him sleep better.

Here is our conversation tonight, which is a pretty typical one.

"Mom, I love you and daddy."
"I love you and Jacee and Maddie and Mikayla and daddy...and Jesus."
"Mom, he's the one that makes us alive."

How true those words are.

I love my little Jackie.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On a Brighter Note

I just couldn't leave the pictures of the hacked off lilac bushes as my top post so I am adding some more positive photos. Jacee took these pictures and I do think she is quite the budding photographer. Here is our one and only daffodil that has bloomed so far. It is right by the front door so we get to gaze upon it often. We have more, they just haven't popped yet.

I don't know why Jacee took a picture of the hide out. Maybe she sensed that it would be gone soon and she wanted to preserve it's memory. Well, here it is - the lilac bush hideout that has been in use for over 30 years - until this year...

Some of our tulips. I do love spring and all the beautiful flowers. We take many walks around our yard to note the progress of all the new spring growth. Ahhh, that feels better, to talk about new life instead of a brutal death!

A Very Sad Day Indeed

Yes, this is what you think it is. The lilac bushes in front of the neighbors fence have been hacked down to unrecognizable stumpy bushes. I know that the bushes did need to be pruned - but hacked down to this? And the timing - right before they bloomed this year. Now, according to some sources, we won't get blooms for another 2-3 years. Why oh why couldn't this wait until next fall - when they don't have any leaves and look pretty much like this anyway?

Here is a shot from across the street. When I stand next to them, they come about to shoulder height.

Close up of the hide out. I use to hide out there when I was a child, and my children have been hiding out there now. It will grow back, it will grow back.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Game

Jack has invented a new game - Which Grass is It? I think it really is - which hand is the grass in - but that's beside the point. You pick some grass, put it in one hand and then the other person has to pick which hand has the grass in it. As you can see, there are some tell-tale signs when Jack is it. Anyway, it was a fun game and just fun to be outside - we love Spring!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Grampa Mission!

A picture of the birthday boy this morning. He has told people he is older than dirt! And someone replies, "As long as you're not as dumb as dirt!" Hope you're having a great one dad!

Happy Birthday Grampa Mission!
We love you and miss you a lot! Love your grandkids.

Week in Idaho - Day One

So it is spring break in Utah and for a small group of girls Idaho was the only choice they would entertain as a destination for spring break (mind you their mother and brother went to California.) This should attest to the wonderful feeling and bond our family has with Grama and Grampa.

Day one was luckily, warm enough to have a fire pit and roast hot dogs.

Grampa is a true outdoorsman. Always teaching the kids the best way to hold the roasting sticks and let them know when their hotdogs were finished.

Grama always makes sure there is plenty of chocolate to eat. Fudgcicles are the new favorite. More updates to come on the fun week we had with the Utah cousins.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Does this look like Spring Attire to You?

Here we are, mid-April, and this is what my kids are wearing when they go outside or go to school. There is something wrong with this picture!

I have almost packed up our winter hats and gloves more times than I can count, and something holds me back - could it be the weather forecasts?

Jack just loves being outside, so the snow does not deter him. He doesn't last very long, but he does make it outside everyday. He is more ready for warm weather than any of us - he is Grampa's Boy and just wants to be outside.

They were having lots of fun until Maddie fell. This was the very wet snow and she was immediately soaked to the bone. I put her in the tub to warm her up and then she had a huge nap. Playing in the snow can wear you out!

Hope the rest of you are having a warmer Spring than we are. I only have one daffodil in bloom and it's not looking like it's going to make it. I'm glad the rest of my flowers have stayed cozy in their buds so they are protected. We'll keep hoping warm weather comes!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Very WICKED Weekend

After much anticipation (around two years) and a few bad rhymes - the day had finally arrived! I was going to WICKED! I had made a few attempts (lottery in NYC, missed opportunity in LA) but it was worth the wait. I went with my in-laws and loved every minute of it! I don't think I would have had the same experience without "the sisters". My Mother-in-Law's family is quite the riot. I enjoy watching them together. They love each other, love to be with each other, and most of all - love to laugh! It was great!

Here they are in front of the Wicked poster. Obviously they were not prepared for the pose...

Here we are again and this is the first time "the sisters" have taken a picture with me. What's a picture without a pose? We had a grand time - and dad I didn't even break out in song.

I did love the play, but it is not my first choice. I don't know if you will always love the first play you go to or if Les Miserables is just that powerful. I don't think anything can really top it. I have seen it three times, and each time it is just as great.

But I did love Wicked - and go ahead and call me Galinda if you want to. I feel that role could have been written for me - if I could only sing. I have told John - I have the heart of a singer just not the voice - and sadly he never disputes that statement!

Anyway - It was a fabulous time - thanks to Tiffany and Grama for making it happen for me. I loved it and loved being with you!

Family Easter

These are just a few more pictures of our family with cousins over Easter. We are so lucky to be close to family and that we are able to be close to the cousins. They have such a great time together. My kids don't ever want to leave Utah, unless we take some cousins with us!

Maddie and daddy. It has been hard on her to have him gone. We all miss him!

You can't tell by Maddie's expression, but she really loves Trissy. She will be grumpy and Trissy can get her out of it. I think she followed her around all weekend.

Jack is just a happy guy. He loved the Easter Egg hunt and just had a grand time all weekend.

Uncle Tonga loves to tease my kids, but Maddie was not fooled. She knew he has such a big heart. She snuggled up to him for a moment to drink her milk. She has always gone to him - even as a baby.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wonderful Easter Weekend

We had been planning on going to Utah for Easter for the last two weeks. Starting last Monday, Jackson would ask me everyday if it was Friday yet. Finally Friday arrived! When I came downstairs to fix breakfast Friday morning, this is what I found in the hallway - two suitcases and a pillow. (Jacee's was packed. Jack's was empty except for a pair of socks under the hood.) I think they were very excited to go.

We had a fabulous Easter dinner at Tiffany's house. Jack got a race track from the Easter Bunny and had to bring it to show Grampa. Boy, Grampa sure lasts the longest playing with Jack. They are kindred spirits.

An Easter tradition - sunglasses! I guess the Easter Bunny likes to give the same things to children that their parent's got as children. It's so fun to be on the mom and dad end of these holidays!
We spent the weekend in American Fork with the Tausinga's. They found an egg hunt for us to go to. It was raining but that didn't stop the kids at all. There were a ba-zillion kids there, and it lasted all of 30 seconds - but hey - free candy!

And here is my beautiful family after church. We went to the Tongan Ward, which is always interesting. All in all we had such a fabulous weekend in Utah. It was good to be with John and we miss him all ready. Now I'm the one counting down the days until Friday so I can see my Handsome Hubby again. Thanks for everything family - we love you!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Whose Daughter is This?

So, I had Maddie completely dressed this morning and as soon as I was finished she marched into her room, stood in front of her closet for a few seconds with her hands on her hips, and then started going through her clothes. She would hesitate for a moment or two on a certain article of clothing, and then continue perusing her choices. She stopped at this shirt, looked at it, smiled, and then pulled it off the hanger. Off went her clothes that I had chosen and on went this. Then she watched me put a bow in Jacee's hair, promptly went and got two bows to put in her hair. As you may or may not know - I am not this picky - so where does she get it? As you may or may not know her dad is ULTRA picky! (Which, as I like to say, is a good thing - he did pick me after all!) she is in the outfit and bows she picked herself. What is going to happen when she's a teen-ager? Heaven help us now!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Too Many Women in the House

So, I think Jackson if feeling the pinch of being the only man in the house. You can't really see them very well, but Jack has two little piggie tails on the top of his head - and yep - I put them in. We sure miss daddy when he is gone. One of my favorite things is when John and Jack snuggle up in the chair to watch some "guy" show like Star Wars or Nitro Circus. Yesterday Jack kept saying, "I wish it were Friday." (We get to go to Utah to be with daddy on Friday.) It's ok Jack - Friday will be here soon!

Monday, April 6, 2009

He Really Was There

I just realized I didn't put any pictures on my last post with John in them He really was there flying kites with the kids. They are so glad daddy was home!

He ended up flying Jack's kite most of the time while Jack ran around outside. It is so good for this little one to get outside. Winter is so long being cooped up when you are an outside boy.

Jack and his Buzz kite.

Let's Go Fly a Kite

A breeze blowing through your hair, the sun shining with a few puffy white clouds and a brand new kite - what more could a kid want? We finally had the perfect kite flying day. We had bought the kites three days before and Jackson asked about every hour if it was just right for kite flying. The biggest bonus of all was daddy was home to fly them with us. We did put the kids in hats and gloves, but soon found out they were not needed. Jacee's came off first. They each took a turn flying the kites but Jacee was the only one who stuck with it. Jackson just wanted to chase them and Maddie just wanted me to hold her. All in all it was a fun afternoon!

Jack taking his turn. His kite was Buzz Light Year. Whatever you say about WalMart - they do have $1 kites that actually fly...totally worth hazarding the perils of the store!

Maddie holding onto the string just long enough for me to take the picture.

Here is Jacee's Barbie kite - I know, just what you wanted to see - a picture of a kite in the sky.

And just in case you didn't get your fill from the last picture - here is Jack's.

Hope you all find some time to Go Fly a Kite!

Friday, April 3, 2009


My handsome husband is coming home today! I know, I know - it's only been four days but I sure did miss him. And so did the kids. Life just seems quiet and lonely without him. He brings so much happiness and fun to our family - we can't wait until you get home honey! Love you!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009